Shaft torque golf

shaft torque golf

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Mar 29, 2013 . For this test, we had golfers test drivers with low ↓, mid ↔, and high torqueshafts. All 3 shafts had the same weight and flex, the only . Golf Talk. Torque comes up all the time in shaft selection. What is torque? Is it important? What”s the right shaft torque for you? Should you even care?Torque is  . Oct 2, 2012 . The golf industry's first experience with shaft torque came way back before the early 1900s when the predominant shaft material was hickory.Torque is the measure of how much the shaft twists during the golf swing. It may be hard to imagine this even happening, but shafts are made with that particular . The torque value is expressed in degrees, so the lower the degrees of torque, the more resistance the shaft will have to being twisted from the force of the downswing on the clubhead attached to that shaft. Conversely, if you have a very smooth, rhythmic swing without. More » Dec 22, 2013 . Free Video: Click the link above to watch the full "Hip Speed" video for FREE. What is Golf Shaft . Oct 21, 2012 . Why do so many golfers talk incessantly about shaft flex but never seem to talk about shaft torque? It's a good question because torque is so . Apr 16, 2009 . Frank Thomas is a former technical director of the United States Golf. What do torque and kick point on the shaft mean in relation to a lady . Apr 15, 2015 . Definition of shaft flex and shaft torque and how they affect your golf game.

shaft torque golf

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